A vision for Bristol

As a church we want the whole of Bristol to know the life-changing truth about Jesus and to see people’s lives all across the city transformed by God.

We are a growing community of diverse people with a desire to love Jesus, love each other and love our city. Our faith is rooted in the teaching of the Bible, and we expect to encounter the presence of God through His Holy Spirit whenever we gather.

We have a vision of Helping Bristol Believe, worked out across three key areas: Reaching, Restoring and Resourcing.


A Church for everyone in Bristol

When we gather on Sundays, in Connect Groups or as friends, we want to provide an opportunity for people to explore faith with us and discover what we’ve discovered: that there is hope, love, forgiveness and life like no other to be found in Jesus Christ.

Serving the city

We want to be generous and big-hearted to all the people that come along to our church but also to this wonderful city where we live.

If you want to get more involved, there are opportunities to serve and numerous ways to bless the city.


Equipping Lives

At City Church, we are looking to be more intentional about training men and women to take a lead in many different areas of life: from teaching and medicine, to business and the arts, as well as in our church.

Our History

City Church was planted in 1997 when a group of Christians moved from Brighton to Bristol believing that God had spoken to them about starting a church that would serve and bless the city. They began meeting in a pub on Gloucester Road and City Church was born.

Since then the church has grown as more and more people have become followers of Jesus. Bridge Community Church in Bradley Stoke was a church started from City Church and functioned separately for over a decade, itself launching a congregation that met in the east of Bristol.

In 2017, 20 years after the church was originally planted, we joined together as one church meeting in Cotham and Bradley Stoke, re-uniting around a vision to see lives changed across the whole of Bristol.


We are part of an  international family

City Church is a Commission church and part of the wider Newfrontiers family of churches. Commission is a family of churches in the UK and other nations led by Guy Miller and his team. Commission has a vision to see 1000s of lives transformed, through 100s of churches in 10s of nations.

Recently, two of our families moved to Mozambique, where they are now involved in  training and social enterprise. You can read more about their adventure on our blog. It has also been tremendously exciting to send a number of our church to start a new church in Cardiff.