Mozambique Part 1

On the 21st March, Paul Wood and I are travelling via South Africa, to Nampula in Mozambique. We’ll be visiting two families from City Church who live and serve in an exciting project based just outside Nampula. The project brings together business, training, discipleship and church planting on a huge scale. 

‘Ebenezer Mozambique’, a training wing of the project, describes itself as: ‘a Christian faith-based leadership training centre for young school leavers and has a strong emphasis on mentorship, agriculture, business and family. We are based in Rapale, near the city of Nampula, in northern Mozambique.’

Southern African countries are among the poorest in the world, with more than half the populations living in extreme poverty  – (on $1 a day). It’s easy to assume that the solutions to some of these huge problems are found in universities, government organisations or international charities. Whilst there is no doubt that these have vital contributions to make to these troubling, pressing issues, there is also no doubt that the church is and should be part of the solution. 

Ebenezer Mozambique aims to provide holistic training to young people in a mentoring environment, helping to equip them with agricultural and business proficiency, alongside teaching necessary life skills. Their vision is that young men and women are joyfully productive in rural Africa, sustaining themselves and their families, and bringing transformational leadership to their rural communities. 

We’re excited to be visiting Darryl and Joy Greig, Chris and Annelie Rowell and their families, who are currently passionately involved in these projects. Please be praying for us as we go, that God will use us, teach us, and keep us safe and healthy. 

We’ll be posting some pictures and videos of our trip soon for you to keep up to date with all we are doing.