Mozambique Part 3

On our recent trip to Mozambique, Paul Wood and I had the privilege of sitting and chatting to Darryl and Joy Greig, who were part of our church here for 9 years before moving to Nampula, Mozambique. They now run the Ebenezer project, a training centre for rural Africans which provides a three month training course on agricultural and business skills, alongside bible teaching and discipleship.

In their interview video (shown below), Darryl and Joy share the work of the Ebenezer project and the impact it makes on the lives of their many apprentices and graduates. They share their hope to become practically and financially self-sustaining, and to improve support for their graduates. Darryl and Joy are already so thankful for all the support and prayer they’ve received from us as a church, but I would encourage us to continue to get behind them in prayer as part of their wider church family. 

Please be praying for the Ebenezer Project: that God will provide for their needs and protect the project from any physical or spiritual harm. Pray that the training has a real impact on the lives of the graduates, and that they find relationship with Jesus for themselves. Finally be praying for Darryl, Joy and the rest of the team, that God will give them wisdom in how to lead the project well, and support them and their families through all that they do.